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About Us

What makes us Unique?

We are secure

We will be using tried and trusted secure certificates recognised by Google to ensure your browsing data and information is fully secure and we will only hold your details in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

It is free to sign up for an account

It is free to sign up to become one of our account holders. You can be rated as one of our trusted users and for signing up we will reward you with free ads. We will also give you free advertising space in certain categories, whilst some other categories will incur small fees.

Buyers & Sellers

We give you the opportunity to buy and sell products and services not only your home country but within the European Union and free from huge commission fees to get your money in your pocket for spending on what you need.

Trusting our sellers

It is our protocol that in order to become a trusted high-level seller on our site, the seller must provide a number of forms of identification and validation to prove who they are and we hold this information offline for guideline time periods and always available to all International Police forces.

Auction, Best-Bid and Single Price - Buy it now

We give sellers the option to advertise their product or service at a single price, or best bid, in order to help the product to sell as quickly as possible.


We want to develop our business into a number of European Hubs and to provide employment to staff into the areas including Sales, Marketing, Administration and IT and we will welcome students to gain valuable work and life experience.


Our company will donate to well deserving local charities throughout the year and we will use our members and customers to decide the rewarding of money to these charities.

Environmentally Friendly – Every little bit helps!

We aim to assist people to sell their excess goods, that in turn, helps to reduce the number of items being discarded to waste sites and aiding in reducing our carbon footprint and making our countries clean and healthy for future generations to come. We will give advice on recycling on our website.

Advice on Animals

If you are looking to buy a new pet or rehome an old pet or trade in animals, we will provide advice on animal welfare to make sure our smaller friends are safe and have a good environment.